Hi, my name is donnio (yes, I use a lower case d). Welcome to my website. I hope you'll have time to relax and visit for a while. First, let me give you a bit of background information.

A few years ago, I had a "lucky break." I fractured my ankle in a fall down the stairs and took a dramatic turn in my professional work. Even though I had long carried a camera with me everywhere I went, it wasn't until the "fall" of 2000 that I closed my therapy office and began to take my photography seriously. So it was, that I spent the next several weeks with my leg in a cast and began my adventure into the world of digital photography. This journey progressed with an intensity that has not yet abated.

As my interest and ability in the field progressed, I invested in my next camera and the next level in photoshop. To date, I have discovered the joy of capturing images of a wide variety of flora and fauna, the challenge of shooting landscapes and architectural details, and even embraced the satisfaction of successfully journaling other artists' work for the purpose of documentation and advertising.

Yet, even though my cameras and my abilities have evolved, my love of portraiture has never wavered. I continue to be ultimately fullfilled, through the art of portrait photography. Babies discovering their world, kittens embarking on back yard adventures, grandmas offering words of wisdom, children in mid-air flight, newlyweds in fresh embrace... I absolutely LOVE capturing these moments in images that will be enjoyed year after year, generation after generation. Please take your time exploring the various photographs I have chosen to share with you on my website. Feel free to email me with questions, comments or requests for photo shoots. sincerely, donnio

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