donnio's online portfolio
A sample of some of my work. Enjoy!
4x6-Molly 116a 8x12 Daisy 8x12 The Conversation 8x12 Bright Eyes!
8x12 Shadow Cat Molly n Ringo Fairies 4x6 168a Hungry Pigs
141b 8x12 2007-12-01 031a3 8x12 2008-07-20 047 5x7 2008-07-20 080b
8x12 095b 4x6 Kitty Card -01 dscn7446a 8x11 Rob n Cat
8x11 Bummer n Dave 8x11 Nevada n Kitten 8x11 Carlo n kitten 2007-09-11 094b
8x10_Hannah and Diego 4x6 Carlo prays-preys on kitten 4x6 its a stick up
PAGE - Orange Cat 2008-12-08 055-070-Portrait 2009-02-26 128a3 2010Dec23 092b
2010Dec23 115a 4x6 Card 01-0005a 4x6 Card 04 0047a 4x6 Card 03-0025b
4x6 Card 03-0050a