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Everywhere I go, there they are!
Faces block 12 8x10 Dickens Faire -03 Arts Slide Show (082) Arts Slide Show (119)
Arts Slide Show (020) c2008-09-27 044a DSC_0331a Visit at Phillips 11-05 209a
4x6-03-23-06 002b Pic of watching kites 4x6 2009-05-14 114a 2009-05-14 074a
8x12 234a DSC_0063a 12x18 Grandma and I are Fire Fighters 8x12 2009-08-03 216
DSC_0108b 2009-11-31 037a Collage2 PAGE - Ladies Night Out Collage2 PAGE - Myrna - tryptich
PAGE - Watching Nyas Game PAGE - Gold Panning Kitty and the Angel Wings PAGE 14
PAGE 39 PAGE 42 PAGE 58 DSC_0369a
DSCN3613a DSCN3481a