donnio's online portfolio
A sample of some of my work. Enjoy!
Black n White - w-hand tinting
2008-06-08 284bBnW 8x12 Brinson 8x12 -Daddys Angel 8x12 at Nathels -01
8x10 the Conversationjpg 5x7_0202aBnWwTint 4x6 Kitty Card -15 15x20_0185c-tint-2
6x8 Chimes STELLA 023b-pastel 2008-06-08 389-BnWwTint 6x8 134b-BnWwTint 6x8 284a BnWwTint
6x8 Ellas fingers-BnWwTint 6x8 Gummy Mouse STELLA 004a-BnWwTint 6x8 Tony meets a LadyBug-BnWwTing 6x8 020-BnWwTint
6x8 FOCUS-BnWwTint 2008-03-09 253cBnWwTint 8x12 2008-06 046aBnWwTint PAGE -  Pink Ice
PAGE -  Sams lemon PAGE -  Grammas Sammy PAGE - Silly Daddy PAGE - the noodle
PAGE - I cant SEE YOU PAGE - Conductor Ramadanoff PAGE - Red Head w-PinWheel PAGE - JUMP
Collage PAGE - Stars and Stripes Collage2 PAGE - Parade of Belly Dancers PAGE - Gatsby - Sarah PAGE - Red Head with Braid-02
PAGE - Double the Love PAGE - Lil Basket Case PAGE - Gatsby-Baby PAGE - Gatsby-Dancers
PAGE - Bridal Veil Breeze PAGE - Star n Mau PAGE - Mau Flowers PAGE - Donna wFlower in Hair-CH
PAGE - Flower Girl -01 DSC_0108a BnWwTint PAGE 25 PAGE 36
PAGE 72 8x12 Stellas Bday 003aTint 8x12 Stellas Bday 004a Tint 8x12 Stellas Bday 131a Tint
8x12 Stellas Bday 025a Tint 8x12 Stellas Bday 162a tint 8x12 Stellas Bday 220a tint 8x12 Stellas Bday 240a Tint
8x12 Stellas Bday 261a Tint 11.58x15.08 381a BnW tint 11.58x15.08 403b 2009-07-04 403a BnWwTint(027)
11.58x15.08 003a BnWtint 2009-07-04 403b (078) 2009-07-04 403b (073) 2009-07-04 403b (054)
2009-07-04 403aBnWtint (104) 2009-07-04 101b-MOLLY 11.58x15.083510a BnWtint 11.58x15.08 Miss Slily Face BnW tint
11.58x15.08 2007-09-30 288a BnW -tint 11.58x15.08 006a BnW Tint 6x9_0146b tint Stellas Bday 088a Tint
DSC_0006a BnWwTint