donnio's online portfolio
A sample of some of my work. Enjoy!
5x7 PUZZLES 11x14 Blue Serenity ALL OF ME! 8x12 Painted Faces
8x12 Mother Sang slide 177 Calender photo 07 20x30 Song of the Ancient Oak
12x18 LOTUS GARDEN 12x18 Dragonfly Magic -PRINT 20x30 Miss Stellas Magical Hat 20x30 Savannah Mouse
20x30 Mothers Poppys 16x20 FARMERS MARKET 20x30 Ringos Dilemma 20x30 Sophisticated Ladies
20x30 Bees Eye View 20x30 Hungry Pigs 20x30 Mermaid Lagoon 20x30 SOLEIL
20x30 Vision Quest 20x30 Sea Spirit 20x30 THATS not gummy mouse 20x30 Beauty with Head Bowed
12X18 ADOLFO 16x20 Mare Island Meltdown 20x30 FARMERS MARKETposter 4x6 COAL SHED OPEN STUDIO poster
4x6  Rally Fan 4 Empress 4x6 Pirate Festival PAGE 89 Puddle Jumping 01 PAGE 88 Puddle Jumping 02
PAGE 46 UpsideDown Peyton PAGE 94 Walking with Molly Prize Winning Tomato Prize Winning  Cabbage
20x30 ZEN GARDEN UnG -18 R 12 02
04 20 22 24
28 30 20x30 Butterfly Dreams 20x30 Crimson Prayer
20x30 Spirit of Gaia 20x30 See Stella Run! -01 20x30 HAPPY FEET 20x30 Puddle Party
20x30 Blind to Her Own Beauty 20x30 WARRIOR Wendyns PrintMaking Class-Version 02 Mamas Ornament
16x20 Zebra in Red High Heels 5x7 Beautiful Dreamer 5x7 all the pretty flowers 5x7 Be Thankful
5x7 Calling the Bees 5x7 Dk Red n Green ORB 5x7 Dk Yellow spider flower 5x7 Exotic Flora
5x7 Garden Haiku 5x7 Hot House Orchid 5x7 Miss Stella 5x7 Take Flight - Version 2
5x7 Tall Exotic Pitcher plants 5x7 Bee hovering w-full Loadl 5x7 How Sweet it is 5x7 Big Pink flower wFairy
5x7 White lilies wFaires 5x7 Tommies Poppys-02 5x7 Podded Plants nFairies 5x7 Bee Butt nFairy
5x7 Feminine Sacred 01 5x7 Feminine Sacred 02 5x7 Feminine Sacred 03 5x7 Feminine Sacred 04
5x7 Feminine Sacred 05 5x7 Garden Kitty Bootsie and the FireTruck 7x10 Calendar Kitten
5x7 Pink flowers wBubbles-02 5x7 Irises wFairy-3 Dots Julia!-Heavy Metal-02 The many mood of Rafael Rovira-BnW