donnio's online portfolio
A sample of some of my work. Enjoy!
CANDID - color
8x12 Dorothy Herger Xmas 8x12 Friendly Fire Fighter 8x12 Sam 8x12 Sam in the Park
8x12 Stellas puddle 8x12 Stella & Ted 06-12-07 080a 12-09-06 133a
2008-03-09 223c 2008-06-08 032 2008-06-08 047b 8x12 Lunch with Phil-2
8x12 Mia 0002a 8x12  gesture of friendship z 12x18 2008-08-12 025a 8x12 2008-08-12 067a
8x12 2008-08-12 104a 6x9_0146 b 2009-01-30 111b 8x12 Sisters
STELLA 002a-LONGcrop 5x7 Daylin 8x12 Its Mau!! 8x12 Haircut In York-01
8x12 Phil @ NEW 01-08-22-05 035A 01-10-07 022a DSC_0017b
2008-06-14 152a2 8x11 Carlo n Joe 8x11 Hope n Dave 2007-09-30 044a
8x12 160c 8x12 Alphabet Soup-02 8x12 Taking Flight-02 Pic of Tonys nap
Pic of watching kites DSC_0091a 2008-06-14 018a Dcp_2893d
DSC_0010a 2007-07 311a DSC_0030a DSC_0730a
8x12 023 8x12 Head n Tummy Rub 8x12 Cute lil Lady 4x6 Im a bunny
4x6 Im a blind monkey 2008-11 231a PAGE -  217 PAGE - The Gyroscope
PAGE - Ginger Blossom PAGE - Eatin Fish Food PAGE 73 Dress Rehearsal-02 PAGE 81
2008-09-06 024b 2010 - 10-03 068a 2010Dec23 242b 4x6 Rehersal dinner 150a
4x6 Wedding Morning 053a 6x9 373a 6x9 0684b2 2010 - Nov 10 021c
6x9. 458a DSC_0002r02a 2008-01-01 128a Cyndi and me 083b
6x9 034a 2008-08-10 075b 2008-08-04 041a 8x10 Best Friends-CH
2008-06-08 020